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Where French Brittany spaniels are raised and precious since 1987


A typical de Rouboy puppy out of Picard de Rouboy & Djin de Rouboy

When they leave our kennel, de Rouboy puppies carry with them:

  • Their genetic background
  • Their tattoo markings which authenticate their purity
  • Their vaccination certificate
  • A 30 day written guarantee against any congenital disease
  • A 24 month written guarantee against any hereditary disease
  • A 4 generation pedigree
  • Their registration certificate with the Canadian Kennel Club which will be issued by élevage de Rouboy within the time frame allowed by the Animal Pedigree Act.

Note: Although colour is not the main criteria when choosing a puppy, the offspring at élevage de Rouboy can bear the following colour:

  • Black/white
  • Liver/white
  • Orange /white (nose either black or pink)
  • Tricolour black/orange/white
  • Tricolour liver/orange/white


The coat can be either piebald (clear white spotting) or roan (mixture of coloured and white hairs) with the desired ticking on legs and feet.

All these colours are recognized by the FCI Standard.

FCI: Fédération Cynégétique Internationale.

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