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Where French Brittany spaniels are raised and precious since 1987

Our kennel name, De Rouboy, derives from the combination of both owners names being: Ginette Rouleau & Alain Boyer, Our first litter was born on July the 2nd 1987 produced by dam: Whig de Rouboy, sire, Muscat de Rouboy. This gave us 11 puppies all well and alive.

The puppies were mostly liver and white and tricolor (liver, orange and white) with one exception "Orée de Rouboy" who was orange and white. We decided to keep her for breeding purposes mainly because of her innate cooperation added to the fact that by means of color, she was at that time the soul barrier of what should be a Brittany spaniel, (so they said at that time!!!)

Then through the years and with time and effort, since our main purpose was and still is, to produce Brittany spaniels that had the innate desire to please and the natural ability to hunt close, we imported dogs that came from BRIITANY, a region situated in the northern part of France, (formally called Armorica) "Le berceau de la race" i.e. soul of the breed, where Brittany spaniels are bred to hunt woodcock and snipe. This is why today, when one goes through the de Rouboy pedigrees, one will note the following French strains in 1st generation: Cornouaille, Isle de Callac, Billi Gwen, K»ranlouan, Kerveillant, Saint-Tugen, et Du Val des Rousses.

As for the owners, my husband and I both share one main objective, producing sound dogs that will hunt for and with their master. Personally, besides breeding Brittany spaniels on a full time basis, I professionally train dogs and am also a CKC(Canadian Kennel Club) judge for Field Dog Tests. My husband also acts as administrator and raises with great pride bobwhite quails that do fly so to train the dogs.

    Whig de Rouboy, call name: Ripe, our foundation bitch, who sometimes, wanted things to be done in her own way. We must thank you for your contribution to our breeding since the most desired traits still remain and your passion and desire to work still prevail in : Ch. Athos de Rouboy FD, Kim de Rouboy FDX, Capucine de Rouboy FD, not to mention Ga‘a, de Rouboy, our grouse expert, who carries certain of your traits as a reminder of your predominance.  
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