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Where French Brittany spaniels are raised and precious since 1987

At Élevage de Rouboy all our breeding stock resides within our kennel. Therefore, we are able to observe each individual on a daily basis - as these two future sire and dam, so to be able to mate the brood bitch and sire that are compatible in terms of temperament, natural ability and to produce puppies that are biddable. Also this allows future owners of a de Rouboy puppy, to see what and who the parents are.

The owners being on site at all times facilitates the proper development of socializing qualities of all dogs, both as pertains to interrelations within the pack as toward humans. This also permits them to develop what is a typical quality of a Brittany spaniel: his tractability.

Kennel management is facilitated by the fact that the maternity is located in our home. This allows us to keep a constant eye on the puppies and consequently, familiarize them with their future environment, which will usually be within a household.

Ulhan de Cornouaille
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